Using Gitea as a Classroom Submission Tool

I am new to Gitea. Let me say that it is really nice (I have it running in Docker with Caddy and Mysql).

I teach CS at a 4-year institution in the US and have long used a gitolite based git server to circulate my source code to students and have them turn in their assignments. Took the plunge and will use Gitea this semester.

In the past I

  • made a permissions group for each class and gave them read access to course repo
  • gave each student permission to create repos of the form “name/p999” where 999 is any set of digits and is set, by the student, to the program assignment number. Such repos were private but I had read access. That means other students cannot clone them to turn the material in for themselves

So: To get similar performance on turn in: does the student need to assign the repo to an organization consisting of the two of us? If so, does anyone have a script for generating a lot of small organizations programatically? I admit to not having looked: Is there an on-creation hook for scripts?

Or - Have any other suggestions on workflow? I want to play this semester (and might not have exactly the security I wish) so that I can build some simple automation tools for next fall.

Sorry for the late answer.
I think you can create only one organization and many teams, different teams could have different permissions to different repos on that organization. We have an API, but don’t know if someone have created scripts to migrate data from gitolite.