Repository grouping

Hi All,

Looking to try and migrate away from Rhodecode, which seems to become abandonware sadly, with updates and support being unresponsive for a long time now… I am looking at gitea as a potential replacement however there is potentially some functionality in gitea I cannot seem to find that might be a blocker for that idea.

Rhodecode allows you to create repository groups (folders), in fact you can even go as far as to nest them, ie: catagory1/utilities/(repos under this path) catagory1/otherstuff/(other repos under this path) – how do I achieve the equivalent under gitea? The closest I found (and I might just be blind here and not seeing something that is staring me in the face) is creating organisations (surely that’s NOT the way to do it…)

Appreciate any pointers.

Gitea does not supporting groups/sub-groups in organizations for repositories yet. You can track progress here: Subgroups in Gitea · Issue #1872 · go-gitea/gitea · GitHub, but nobody is working on this feature I believe.

Alternatively, you can label repositories with topics and filter searches using topics.

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