[solved] After approve review not able to merge pull request


I am not able to merge pull request after pull request get reviewed.

and when set minimum approval in branch it display like this

not getting merge button.

Using version 1.7.4

Have you add your approval users in whitelist?

All users who added whitelist’s approvals will be count 1 but 0


Yes I apply the setting for required approval

Whitelisted reviewers or Whitelisted teams should be filled also.

Any of them from these teams or reviewers

After make change in setting got this message

and when I add the user in Whitelisted reviewers who approved the pull request it show this message

are these two approvers added to that whitelists?

the setting is as bellow

in this RBhardwaj has done the review

Ther merger should be filled on merge whitelist

If you disable merge whitelist, users who have write permission to this repositories could merge this PR.

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Great, very valuable help from you. Really appreciated