Mandatory approval or veto for pull request

We are planning to use Gitea in a context where pull requests require peer reviews but also a mandatory approval by a selected group of users. Using the required approval counts allows circumventing this. We want to have at least one reviewer and one for final sign-off.

Basically this is similar to have a CI/CD build to succeed before the pull request can be merged. This is more like a mandatory veto vote than a review.

Any idea how this can. be accomplished in Gitea?



Yes, you can do that via branch protection.


I already looked at the branch protection but at least the way I understand this is that I could enable Restrict approvals to whitelisted users or teams to ensure that only approvals of these users count into the approval count. However, this is not what I am looking for. I want to have a minimum number of approvals from a group/user A and I require approvals from a user/group B. The current implementation only counts either all approvals or only these from the whitelisted users and teams. So it’s an either or decision.

In my particular case, the second approval could just be a single vote and the minimum number of approvals still applies to the other peer reviewers.

I you still believe that this can be done with Gitea 1.16, I would be happy to learn about your approach.

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