Show file history

I am trying to see all changes (not only the change history) of just one specific file. Is this possible on Gitea?

Following the history button, the following list is shown:

[Sorry, I do not have rights to insert a second picture. You will find it further down in an answer.]

I can click on any SHA1 and get all changes for all documents that have been committed in that specific commit. It looks like this:

However, I am just interested in one single file, “realtime_db_filling”. That means I always have to scroll down until I find whay I am looking for. Is there any way to see all changes for the chosen file, only?

Perhaps this feature does not exist, but it would be handy if each SHA1 link in the history of one specific file would at least jump directly to the information on that file once the result list is shown. (That is, for example, the standard behaviour on GitHub.)

Thanks for any hints!

Just navigate to the file and use the blame or history buttons.

Thanks, but follwoing the history button, just give the above mentioned list. Let me clarify my question above.

Here, the first picture: