Show all issues

I am wondering if there is a intended way to show/list all issues from a repository, not only closed or only opened.

I couldn’t find a issue in the GitHub repo or a thread here, please give me a hint what I’m missing.

For example list all issues of gitea/tea:
open + closed


Well, the best way to achieve this is probably Gitea API.
I don’t know of any other way to achieve it.

Thanks for your answer.
It’s good that the API and maybe tea supports listing all issues.
That now motivated me to try tea :tea: (command line tool to interact with Gitea*).

I’m still a little curious if this is not intended or just currently not implemented, and if so if there is a issue about this.
Especially since the parameter is the same in the API (state: all), cli (--state all) and UI (?state=all).
But in the UI it just shows all opened (as per default).

Edit 1:
For example on GitHub the buttons behave the same but there is a search string formulated, where the user can just remove is:open from is:issue is:open so it filters for all issues or even all issues and pull requests (empty textbox).

Edit 2:
It looks like Gitlab even has a button to show all. (Maybe too much)

* I am sure you know that of course (as a maintainer :slight_smile:), but for future reference/other visitors it might be easier to understand.

Could this be implemented on the UI? Should I open an issue or something to request that functionality?