Basic concept of Organisation, Repository, Milestone, Project


I’m trying to figure out the structural components of gitea - namely Organization, Repository, Milestone and Project.

Coming from a gitlab background it’s not 100% clear to me, how to organize these. Especially Organization and Project are new to me.

I didn’t find any documentation like “how to organize your projects with gitea”.

In my case I have different customers, with different projects, each project containing multiple repositories (like src, doc, bin, etc.). So customers would fit into “organizations”. In gitlab I had sub-projects to represent the customers projects and under these there were the repos. It would be not a problem to put all repos under the organization - I just want to be sure to understand the concept.

Maybe somebody can explain the concepts or give some examples what to put where.


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I was just looking at projects as well – is would be useful to be able to create projects at the org level, so that issues from multiple repos could be used in a single project board. Is this possible?

One workaround might be to create an empty repo to hold a project but be able to add issues from other repos to it.

Custom fields in issues would also be very useful.

Projects at org level are planned for v1.18 and it looks like it will arrive

Likewise pinning issues and repos are planned for v1.18

no one can answer this question ?

I come from gitlab as well, and being able to nest projects / groups was really neat for organization. Gitea on the other hand replicates githubs stucture, means a flat, one-depth structure.

What I found worked best for me was to think about what scope a project has; if it is something bigger (i.e. a new tool for a customer that possible has many sub-projects or repos) it would get it’s own organisation. If its more a patch thing, i.e. something that stands soly for it, it wanders into a organisation ment to contain many of those small things.

For example I would/do organize my customer as follows:

  • Customers that have only one little project get their project stored in a general organisation that is simply named like my workplace with the suffix “customers” (to differentiate it from the org that contains internal repos).
  • Customers that have many small or medium projects get their own organisation.
  • If a customer has a big project, which propably has its own unique name, it get it’s own organisation; named after the unique name.

Hope I could help you a little bit and give you some ideas how to organize your repos :smiley:

Hi, thanks for your answer, especially the “use organisation for bigger projects” gave me a better idea of how to organize things.


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