Pushing from existing repository does not update the webinterface


I am hosting my own gitea and noticed a bugg after pushing code from an existing repo to a new repo made in gitea. The web page does not get updated with the source code and information.

Steps to produce error:

  1. I create a new (empty) repository using my web page.
  2. On my pc - I set the remote origin to that repository and push my local repo - consisting of README and a few other files.
  3. I go back to update my web page, still gives me the “get started” page. No code, no readme, nothing…
  4. I can fetch and pull/push updates to the repo but the web page does not get updated.

I have tried refreshing my browser, cleaning cache, opening with other browser. I can not get it to work.

If i create a non empty repo with e.g, a readme file and clone the repo, commit a few changes and push them. The web page gets updated with the data…

Anyone who may know why I experience this problem?

Could you provide the results of running git remote -v for both repositories?

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git remote -v
origin dietpi@sw-tiger.com:sw-tiger/hmtest123.git (fetch)
origin dietpi@sw-tiger.com:sw-tiger/hmtest123.git (push)

Could you also provide the same information for the second repository that you mentioned at the end of your first message? Maybe they differ in the protocol being used, i.e. http(s) vs ssh.

I’ve made the two repos publicly available so you can see for yourself:
Since i can’t post more links to this reply (no access since I am “new user”).

I can tell you that both of them use SSH. But I do not see why there should be a problem with what protocols are used.

If you go to sw-tiger.com:3000 you can see the repos are publicly available.

git remote -v
origin link/push-from-existing.git (fetch)
origin linkpush-from-existing.git (push)

git remote -v
origin link/create-with-readme.git (fetch)
origin link/create-with-readme.git (push)

I re-installed Gitea binaries and did all confiugrations from scratch, and now, it works.

However, I do not know the root to the problem.