Empty repository

Hello, the problem with empty repository is back… When I create a new (noninitialised) repository and make a push/sync (from Visual Studio 2017), there is nothing on the web - the repository still shows “Quick Guide” and no files. But the files are here, when clonning the repository, everything is fine, the files are here.

I am using the gitea via the Docker, tried ‘latest’ image and even ‘1.7.1’. The problem is the same.

Is there some configuration missing?


Hello, I updated to latest version again, but the problem with empty repository persists. The data are successfully uploaded, but on the website I see always “Quick Guide”, no files.

I am the only one, who has this problem?

Thank you.

I have the same problem. gitea version: 1.7.4

Could you give some error logs?

No error message in gitea.log file.