Pull Request without Creating Fork

Today, a Gitea user can create a pull request on repo X in 1 of 2 ways:

  • Fork X to create X’. On X’, create a feature branch and push the feature branch. Create a PR that attempts to merge the feature branch (on X’) into X.
  • Give the user write access to X. The user creates a feature branch. They can then open a PR to merge the feature branch into X.

I want to allow a user without write access to X to be able to directly create a PR on X. Is this possible?

On GitHub, a user simply needs read access on X in order to be able to create a PR on X.

hello, how about agit? ref: https://github.com/go-gitea/gitea/pull/14295

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Can you paste a MWE of how agit could be used (with the commands) on a dummy branch?

That is because a fork is automatically created when you change something on a read-only repo.