Create pull request with minimal clicks

I’m new here and apologize if this has been answered before. I have been using Gitea for a couple of years and a few weeks ago upgraded to the latest version (not sure which version I used previously, but I’m on 1.18.1 now).

In the old version, when I pushed changes, I could click on the commit on the dashboard and it would bring me directly to a page with a “create pull request” button. In the new version, when I click on the commit, I go to the repository’s home site. I next need to

  • click on the Pull Request tab
  • click on the New Pull Request button
  • click on the “pull from” to select my branch
    before I come to the place where the old version would bring me.

Is there a configuration setting to bring the old behavior back, that is, clicking on a commit in the dashboard brings me straight to the pull request tab with the “pull from” and “merge into” already pre-selected?