How to easily do pull requests with gitea

This might be an incredibly stupid question, maybe I’m missing some basics, but I couldn’t find anything on the interwebs:

Is there a way to configure a team in a way that it is only allowed to push to certain branches?

Otherwise in order to handle pull requests a team member would have to clone the repo to a private one and then request pull request from there but that seems a bit overkill for the usecase:

Allow everyone in the greater team to create feature branches but only a small set of maintainers to merge those features into master.

There is a “Enable pull requests and code reviews.” Checkbox in the team settings, but I have no idea what that actually does? Isn’t helpful either, it only mentions a special case but doesn’t explain the basics.


I have not yet tried it myself, but have you looked at the Branch Protection options in your repository settings (under “Branches”)?

Thanks and yes, was a stupid question, didn’t see that tab


Glad it helped.
There are no such things as stupid questions though :slight_smile: