On create PR, way to collapse all diffs?

(I’m a newbie here; please direct me politely to the correct resource/approach if this should be posted elsewhere or in some other way.)

When I initiate a PR in gitea, all diffs are expanded/revealed – ie, the arrow to the left of all files is turned down, and the diffs for all files are shown. For large commits, this can be overwhelming, and often I just want to scan filenames anyway. But there appears to be no way to bulk-collapse these expanded divs so that I can scan quickly, or browse just specific diffs.

It sounds like github had this same issue, and it was resolved by allowing the user to alt-click any of the closed div-expander arrows, and all expanded divs would collapse:

What is the mechanism to request a similar change to gitea? Or, if that functionality already exists & I’m just unable to figure it out, please kindly let me know what I’m missing (I’m on a Mac keyboard, so for me the ‘alt’ key is usually the ‘option’ key).


It’d be great to have similar functionality like Github has for this.

I did create a tiny chrome extension for myself to quickly collapse/uncollapse all files. I do know a browser extension is a bit overkill for this issue - but in case anyone finds it useful you can get it here:

Has been implemented with Gitea 1.20:

(although this menu bar will look slightly different for you, I made this screenshot on gitea.com, so latest Gitea, not Gitea 1.20)

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