No users show up in "Collaborator" assignment for organizational repository

Hi there,

I just did a fresh install of Gitea 1.16.7, created an organisation and a team “Products”. The team has repository access “Specific” and permission “Administrator access”. I then added a normal user to team “Products”. He created a repository in the organisation and tried to add other users as collaborators. But the popup for selecting users does not show up. Adding teams works though. We added the team “Products” to the repository, but he is still unable to add individuals, although he is the “Administrator” of the repository.

To me, it does not make sense to be able to add teams to repositories but not individuals. Am I missing something?
Maybe someone can point me to the right direction…

Best regards

Update: I just tried to add a user by its user name, and it worked. But the search popup does not show up, so you need to know the user name.