Navigate + comment commits in PR

Hallo gittea community!

I’m trying to use gittea for some personal projects. For now I like it very much and thanks for the for the great job! However I have some issues with the review workflow:

My issue

I can see commit separately but it is not possible to add comments. I can navigate to the parent commit but it is not possible to know if that is a commit related the the PR I’m reviewing. I cannot navigate to the next commit within that PR unless I go back to the commit list.

My expected workflow

I would like to open the first commit (oldest), comment it, open the next commit using the next button, repeat until the last commit and finally, approve or request changes.

As in github, is it possible to navigate through each commits of a PR using prev/next buttons and comment each commit separately? If not, how “difficult” would it be to add such of feature?

Unfortunately currently you cannot comment on commits, nor do we have a way to go to next/prev commit in a PR.

Here are some issues to follow or comment on, though, if you’d like to follow.

Commit comments: Add inline comments on commits · Issue #4898 · go-gitea/gitea · GitHub
Next/Prev buttons on PRs (good timing, this was just opened): Pager ("Previous" / "Next" links) on pull request / branch commits · Issue #22390 · go-gitea/gitea · GitHub

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Alright, thanks for the pointers and the quick reply!

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Hi, I’d very much like to pick this up as this is something I’m also really missing. I work with atomic commits and one of their biggest benefits is the ability to review commit by commit.

I’d really like to pick this up and propose an implementation + implement it, but the original issue (#4898) has been locked for anyone but current contributors. What’s the best way for me to pick this up?

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Add inline comments on commits · Issue #4898 · go-gitea/gitea · GitHub unlocked. You are welcome to contribute Gitea.