Integrate releases notes with Jira


I’ve just started using Gitea and it’s all working great! I’m trying to finish up the part of our CI/CD pipeline with a “nice to have”

I’ve automated the tagging of any repo with the version once a PR is merged to master and Gitea shows nicely in the Releases tab all these versions, great! What I’d like to do next is show the issues that went into each release, the thing is we are not using the Issues part of Gitea as the company use Jira. For all PR’s and perhaps key commits we are using #the-jira-ticket-number so I was hoping that would give an easy way to identify tickets (plus that’s how it would automatically work if you were using jira and BitBucket together).

I know a workaround could be to use the Gitea Issues and in the link back to Jira, however, I was hoping for a nicer way?

Any suggestions welcome
Cheers in advance

Hey there! Thanks for using Gitea :slight_smile: Glad you’re liking it so far!

What do you mean by “easy way to identify tickets”? If you plan to list in the changelog, I think you can pretty much just do a regular expression for \#(\d+) on the commits (you seem to already have hooks on merges/commits/whatever). Then you should be able to resolve these links to JIRA, get their names, and dump them on the release.

BTW, in case you’re not aware: we have support for linking to external issue trackers by going to a repo’s settings -> “Use external issue tracker” (although these do not automatically close the issues or integrate, the settings are just used to resolve issue links e.g. in PR comments and commits).

Thanks for the reply, I’m away for a bit now and I’ll pick back up on your comments when I return…