Multiarch docker images with buildkit and cache upload fail


I have a kubernetes cluster (k3s, with amd64 and arm64 machines), and I have deployed a gitea instance (chart=gitea-0.0.3 version=1.17.3, with postgresql and memcached). I want to build multi-arch docker images, so I have installed drone (2.15.0) with the drone-runner-kubernetes (1.0.0-rc.3).

When I try to build multi-arch image with docker buildx --cache-to=..., I have a error for cache upload (buildx log):


In gitea logs, I have :

2022/11/09 10:57:05 [636aecd1-2] router: completed PUT /v2/<org>/<project>/manifests/<tag> for, 400 Bad Request in 48.4ms @ container/container.go:440(container.UploadManifest)

How can I give more info to help fix this problem ?

I have looked inside gitea source code, it seams that the mediatype used by buildkit cache is not recognized by gitea (/routers/api/packages/container/manifest.go func processManifest, returns errManifestInvalid), but request mime type looks good
There is an other use case of errManifestInvalid, in func processImageManifestIndex.

Hi, I’m experiencing the same problem with

version 1.21.1 built with GNU Make 4.4.1, go1.21.4 : bindata, timetzdata, sqlite, sqlite_unlock_notify