Gitea has serious problems with git-upload-pack

I beleive there is a very very serious issue with gitea. I am running gitea in a docker container and I started hooking up my buildstreet (Teamcity) to build my projects. Teamcity git clones the projects and then builds them. My server is really fast (10 core 3,2Ghz) and has over 60GB of memory.

Since I have setup my buildstreet to build my projects I have started seeing these kinds of lines in my docker log:

2021/01/11 19:35:45 Completed GET /Project/Application/info/refs?service=git-upload-pack 0 in 20.249535809s

20 seconds for a git-upload-pack??? This is absolutely ridiculous. This is unacceptable and needs to be fixed!!

Can you provide any details about which version of Gitea are you using? Also what about details on the repo that is being cloned, what size is it, how many commits, is it a lot of little files, a few files, lots of big files, and any other details that you could provide would be helpful for debugging. Is your CI attempting a shallow operation? Are you able to provide the exact git operation your CI is performing? An example that we could repeat ourselves on would be great.

We can’t help you without any details.