Move Gitea to another server (Command line required)

Other closed topic exist with this title (, but I need another way to move my server. I don’t want to start using SQL server because of private usage of Gitea. My server is using SQLite and I need a way that take lower time from me to back up and restore. I can not spend time on research every time I restore backups.

I need only a single command to restore my backup to the completely new db file. So it’s easy to describe how to restore backups to the next person.

Thank you for your attention

if you are using sqlite then you can just archive the the /var/lib/gitea directory and the /etc/gitea directory and untar on the new server in the same locations

Moving from window to Linux. Tried many ways, and I’m still working on it. But can I remember how to recover a backup after a year? Or I should spend a day for it again.

I have version mismatch problem.

2023/10/06 23:44:10 cmd/web.go:175:serveInstalled() [I] PING DATABASE sqlite3
2023/10/06 23:44:10 ...ations/migrations.go:599:Migrate() [I] Migration[184]: Rename Task errors to message
2023/10/06 23:44:10 routers/common/db.go:34:InitDBEngine() [E] ORM engine initialization attempt #3/10 failed. Error: migrate: migration[184]: Rename Task errors to message failed: error in table task after rename: duplicate column name: message
2023/10/06 23:44:10 routers/common/db.go:35:InitDBEngine() [I] Backing off for 3 seconds

Yes, you need to recover to the same Gitea version as you dumped.