Questions about backing up and restoring a gitea db (postgresql)

I’m migrating from my old laptop to a newer machine that will host my gitea. The backup and restore documentation leaves a lot to be desired if I’m being honest. I have a few questions:

1.) Can the gitea versions be different? Can the psql versions be different? (I’m assuming yes to both of these as long as I’m moving forwards).

2.) After running ./gitea dump -c /path/to/app.ini (I used my real path =P), I didn’t actually see any of the output that is in the documentation. I only see
2022/02/08 13:23:05 ...dules/setting/git.go:93:newGit() [I] Git Version: 2.20.1, Wire Protocol Version 2 Enabled.
I’m also assuming this is alright. Just wanted to confirm a non verbose output doesn’t mean the command isn’t doing anything.

3.) Am I supposed to merge the database (as in run `psql -U $USER -d $DATABASE < gitea-db.sql) before I make a new database on the new machine? Is this command creating a new database + role and sticking the contents of the old database into it? Or is it copying the contents of the old database into an already existing one I need to create?

4.) Is $USER supposed to be the user of the old database? Is $DATABASE supposed to be the database name of the old database? Do I not need to provide the password somewhere in here?

I’m very noobish to server-side stuff, especially the database stuff. Any clarification would be super helpful. Thanks!