Monthly federation report (March 2022)

This is the first of several monthly reports detailing the progress made towards the completion of the NLNet Grant provided for tasks dealing with implementation of federation within Gitea

The memorandum of understanding was signed between NLnet and @zeripath this month which has allowed us to start working on the grant :tada:

An overview of what has happened in the month of March 2022:

  • The federation category on discourse has been created to ensure all posts about the progress of the grant can be found in one convinient place
  • The milestones of the grant have been published to ensure an open and transparent process of working on the grant
  • @techknowlogick attended the forgefriends monthly video call to keep communication open with other forge related federation projects
  • Hosted a regular monthly video call with the community to discuss the progress of the grant, as well as discuss technical details around implementing a specific federation related pull request