NLnet funding and adding beneficiaries

Bonjour @zeripath & @techknowlogick,

The majority of the NLnet funding is still available and there is less than three months before it runs out. During the Gitea federation meeting in May, @techknowlogick seemed in favor of adding new beneficiaries to further federation related work.

If you do not have time to organize this, I offer to help. It would be great if the remaining funds could be put to good use. Since there already is significant work going on regarding federation, it could just be a matter of doing the administrative steps so current volunteers get funding instead of not.

After asking around those volunteers do not need the money and their work won’t stop because they don’t get any. That’s an excellent spirit :rocket: But if I had to choose between returning the unspent fund to Europe by October 1st because the deadline requires it and giving it to people who worked for the benefit of Gitea and made progress towards federation… I’d rather choose the later :smile:

Reason why I volunteer my help for the administrative legwork.

What do you think?


Posted this in the Gitea federation chatroom:

@zeripath @techknowlogick just to make sure this is not accidentally overlooked, you are kindly invited to comment on this offer to help.

A gentle ping: there are six weeks left, it is not too late still. I pinged a few times in the federation chat room too.

Posted this in the Gitea federation chatroom

@techknowlogick: @zeripath a gentle ping regarding the NLnet funding that is running out of time. Could you please take the time to followup on this topic NLnet funding and adding beneficiaries ?

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