Proposal to setup a monthly report and meeting about forge federation starting January 2022


The project is about creating bridges between software forges. Monthly updates were published since the beginning of the project and a videoconference also happens a few days later for developers and any interested person to discuss and share ideas.

The Gitea community is also interested in creating federated forges and this led to a few areas where both forgefriends and Gitea worked together (on code, discussions and fundraising).

Since this cooperation is likely to increase in 2022, I’d like to propose that the monthly update on forge federation includes both forgefriends and Gitea. I’m happy to keep doing the legwork (figuring out a date, announcing the meeting, writing the report etc.): that would not require any additional work from other Gitea community members.

Last but not least, the meetings are currently benefiting from simultaneous translation from French to English, which helps non-native English speakers and increases the linguistic diversity. Next month meeting will also include Chinese to English simultaneous translation and an announce was made in the Chinese support section of the forum in the hope that it will be more inviting. @lunny I’d be most grateful if you could proofread my post, it may not be very good :sweat:

What do you think?


@zeripath @KN4CK3R @techknowlogick since we’re all going to work on code implementing federation in Gitea, at least until October 1st 2022, I propose to get together once a month during one hour to get in sync. I’m volunteering to do the legwork, i.e. prepare the agenda, send reminder, write the report.

When four people work on the same topic and on the same project, once a week is probably better. But I’m not a big fan of videconferences, although they have merit. Committing to a total of 9 meetings (January to September 2022 included) does seems reasonable and useful though.

What do you think?

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Since there is not much interest for this proposal, you are kindly invited to attend the forgefriends monthly call that will happen Monday 21st, February 2022. Although not focused on Gitea only, it is mostly about it because forgefriends is built on the Gitea codebase :slight_smile: I hope to see you there and discuss plans!

Proposed, in the chatroom, to jointly organize the forgefriends and Gitea monthly videoconferences.