Merging pull requests not working with tracked LFS files

Branches can be merged by local clients(git cli/Github for Windows) with push but not with web interface.

gitea.log have errors like this:

2018/07/17 23:07:35 [...routers/repo/pull.go:533 MergePullRequest()] [E] Merge: git clone: Cloning into '/var/lib/gitea/data/tmp/local-repo/merge-192609140.git'...
Downloading file.bin (11 KB)
Error downloading object: file.bin (08afa7b): Smudge error: Error downloading file.bin (08afa7bbdbb8224c12d26dad8bb3641a8c0eacd032c47bba0f91275e0d892fef): batch request: missing protocol: "/home/git/gitea-repositories/liquid/test.git/info/lfs"

Errors logged to /var/lib/gitea/data/tmp/local-repo/merge-192609140.git/.git/lfs/objects/logs/20180717T230735.214492563.log

I tool getting this error. Opened a issue here

What does the lfs log say?

ps: I am using LFS too, haven’t encounter the problem, I also left a comment in that GitHub’s issue.