Git LFS push fails

Gitea v1.7.0
Git 2.20.1
Git LFS 2.6.1

Push non-LFS files works fine.

This is a similar issue to gitea #3101. Steps to reproduce contained in gitea #3101.

If I clone a localhost repo, it works. If I clone from a network remote, it fails. It fails on my server as well as When using a network remote I change to https. I have tried the admin login info as well another collaborator. I have tried using an access token for both the admin and the collaborator – no luck.

The error message is slightly different from #3101 in that “batch” appears at the end of the URL:
Uploading LFS objects: 0% (0/1), 0 B | 0 B/s, done
batch response: Repository or object not found:
Check that it exists and that you have proper access to it
error: failed to push some refs to <won’t let me use more than 2 links, same as previous URL>

I have tried so many variations, I am not sure which logs would be helpful.
Any help would be appreciated.