Issues with restore SQLite Back-up

Hi Gitea,

We got issues with restoring the SQL backup into sqlite3.
The follow error messages occur:

Error: near line 54: no such column: true
Error: near line 121: no such column: false

We have solved this errors by running the follow commands:

sed -i -r '/INSERT INTO.*, (true|false)/ { s/true/1/g ; s/false/0/g }' gitea-db.sql

(this fix it but replace to much… but for us it was fine)
sed -i { s/true/1/g ; s/false/0/g }' gitea-db.sql

After this we were enable to import the SQL file into sqllite3 by running the follow command

sqlite3 /data/gitea/db/gitea.db < gitea-db.sql

After this everything was fine and working.

Is there and bug exist in the current Gitea backup script or does anybody knows why this error messages occurt?


It’s a bug and I think there is report on github issues.

Do you have a direct link to the issue? So that I can track the issue ?