Gitea Software as a Service offering

TL;DR: today @realaravinth and myself decided to work together on an online service to host Gitea instances[0] along with static website hosting and a CI/CD offering.

It is unusual to announce a project the day the idea comes to light. But it also is unusual for a project to be 100% committed to Free Software and radical transparency (private data on indivuduals excluded).

As with any idea, the chances that it will succeed are slim. There is no funding whatsoever, just two individuals who committed to spend a total of 60 days of work to implement a minimum viable product before July 1st 2022.

The goal is to create something similar to weblate hosting in the hope that it will generate enough money to pay the salaries of the people running it, eventually. It is not to offer free hosting or paid hosting on a shared Gitea instance, it is exclusively about hosting Gitea instances dedicated to the user, for a fee.

If anyone is interested in participating or lurking, they are kindly invited to the only resource that exists at this time: a Matrix chat room[0]. The next item on the agenda is to make a retro planning to figure out what can be done with the number of days available.

To be continued!