How to publish Java API doc for the code in my repo

I would like to provide online API docs for the code in a repo that can easily (automatically) be updated from time to time.

I tried this suggestion and could push to the wiki git, but even a simple directory structure does not seem to be meaningfully possible. Making dir is possible, but the content in it is displayed ‘disconnected’ of gitea pages (appears as simple text in a separate page). Also, not sure how including html in/within md pages would work out.

Any suggestion welcome!

Markdown processors are usually built to tolerate html, after all Markdown doesn’t cover all possible html elements.

The html files can be linked in an MD page, but what finally gets displayed is the raw content. So it seems gitea wiki cant handle Java docs type of html. If no other way to publish static html content, then I have to find other way for it.


Have you tried just changing the extension on the html pages to md? You may have to change internal links within the docs too for it to be completely workable. But changing one for a test shouldn’t be too hard.

Not gitea, but I’ve often used html in Hugo md files.