Github pages equivalent in Gitea?

Gitea have a great wiki support for my projects.
But is there any Github pages equivalent in Gitea ?

Some of my projects are documentation or just plain websites.
Is it possible to “host” simple pages in my Gitea installation ?


There’s none for the moment. It has been requested in the past, but so far contributors were more interested in addressing other aspects of the system (so many!). If anyone wants to step in to add this, we’d be thrilled. (a hosted version of Gitea), has a system in place to do something like Github pages:

As for Gitea, we are focused on first improving Gitea from a source control perspective, then may move onto other areas. Our recommended approach is to use a CI, such as DroneIO, and build your pages to push to an S3 provider.

You coudl also use Caddyserver with the git middleware that auto-pull and execute command from a remote git repo. You can even use a deploy key to a specific access to a repo.

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