How I can create my own predefined .gitignore and select it?

Each time we create new project we can select some predefined .gitignore file in combobox.
How I can create my own predefined .gitignore for this combobox?

Maybe this link helps you with your problem.
I haven’t tried it myself.

Have some problems with realization.

I install Gitea on Synology NAS as precompiled spk (Gitea -> spk -> standart install) That’s why I can’t use “gitea help” in SSH (no such command) and don’t know how correct add GITEA_CUSTOM environment variable.

Buy the way, why not add this in app.ini as others?

If I just create my.gitignore in folder /usr/local/gitea/gitea/custom/custom/options/gitignore (in my system all this double gitea/gitea and custom/cutom is)

By the way, instruction written not clear and I don’t understand what it (gitignore) should be - file or folder? - I just make it like standard gitignore maden.

Unfortunately, there is currently no such thing as a gitea help command… yet. :wink:

For examples of how to tailor the custom files to your needs, you can check the sources.

It’s one file per “gitignore” option; the name of the file will be the name of the option in the drop-down list.