Issue creating backup: custom folder isnt included


I have set up a git user, its home dir is in /var/lib/gitea, the gitea install directory is in /var/lib/gitea, the app.ini is located at /etc/gitea/app.ini (only file in that directory), the git repos are located in /var/git, the gitea binary is located in /usr/local/bin/gitea

What I try to do: create a full backup with the gitea dump -c /path/to/app.ini command, as instructed by the documentation.

What happens: The /custom directory isnt included.

Full log:

git@****:~$ gitea dump -c /etc/gitea/app.ini
2018/08/18 02:30:16 Creating tmp work dir: /tmp/gitea-dump-389254950
2018/08/18 02:30:16 Dumping local repositories.../var/git
2018/08/18 02:30:21 Dumping database...
2018/08/18 02:30:21 Packing dump files...
2018/08/18 02:30:21 Custom dir /usr/local/bin/custom doesn't exist, skipped
2018/08/18 02:30:23 Removing tmp work dir: /tmp/gitea-dump-389254950
2018/08/18 02:30:23 Finish dumping in file

The resulting backup does not contain a custom directory.
Note how the custom directory is searched in /usr/local/bin instead of /var/lib/gitea

How do I create proper backups?

Any other information I should include?

Here’s a link to the Backup and Restore documentation. Have you tried moving or symlinking the binary and rerunning from /var/lib?