Custom Readme, gitignore & Licence File


so i wanted add custom Readme, gitignore & Licence Files to my Docker gitea Installation (v1.7.0).

I created various Folders (custom, readme, gitignore, license) with various files (MyREADME, MyGitignore etc…) in it. I restarted the container. But nothing gets pulled from gitea, my files are not in the dropdowns at repo creation site.

I searched this discussion i searched gogs forum & the internet and tried every single hint i found but i was not successfull.

Has someone done accomplished this? And if so, can someone please share examples what exactly to do.

Thanks in advance.

Does really nobody have a clue how to configure gitea in docker to use its custom folder(s)?

Recent gitea version support template repository.

I know it’s a year later, but on the off chance someone else runs into this problem on gitea 1.12.+…

Check your configuration by running gitea help and checking the CustomPath variable or by checking the Custom File Root Path from Site Administration -> Configuration in the web interface. That’s where your custom directory is that the docs refer to for things like custom/options/license.

For example if your CustomPath is /data/gitea, then custom licenses should go in /data/gitea/options/license as plain text files with no extensions.