Help needed: `repo-archive` is consuming my whole disk

I recently ran out of disk space on my 25GB Gitea droplet (Digital Ocean). I resized it to 50GB, but a week later I’ve returned to 80% disk usage. I have traced the problem to the gitea/common/data/repo-archive directory, which is now using 29GB.

What is this directory for, and how do I stop its growth?

I did read the docs about repo-archive. But I have not configured my app.ini to use repo-archive, so I don’t know why Gitea is filling my hard drive with this directory.

Thank you.

I found a button called Delete all repositories' archives and pressed it, and my disk usage dropped to 20%. But I still don’t understand what these archives are, and how to prevent them from being generated.

This seems to be the answer.