When are repo archives generated?

Like other users I somewhat regularly have repo-archives filling up my entire disk (deleted 900 GB of archives just now). Since I don’t often download my repos as archives, don’t really have any other active users, and don’t think there too many anonymous users on my server either, I would like to know why they are even generated.

Does gitea just zip every commit just in case someone wants it?

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Gitea creates repo archives when a user downloads a repository as a zip file, not automatically with each commit. Check for frequent downloads or automated processes if your disk is filling up. Review user activity and consider configuring archive cleanup.
I hope you find it helpful.

I’ve configured archive cleanup but it doesn’t do anything. The “Delete all repository archives” in my admin dashboard also doesn’t free up space. I haven’t found time yet to investigate and formulate a post about that.

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Repository archives in ‘gitea’ are typically generated when you specifically request them, like when you download a zip or tar.gz file from the UI. They are not automatically generated at set intervals.

Hope that helps clarify things