Disk Space, Dump and Docker

Ironically I’m following the back-up instructions I created before and getting stuck while packing the data directory with the following message:

2019/07/24 05:54:40 Failed to save gitea-dump-1563947438.zip: write gitea-dump-1563947438.zip: no space left on device

Space looks good according to df -h both before:

Filesystem                Size      Used Available Use% Mounted on
overlay                  24.6G     10.0G     13.3G  43% /

And after the failure:

Filesystem                Size      Used Available Use% Mounted on
overlay                  24.6G     14.0G      9.3G  60% /

As the size of my /data directory is only 4.8G according du -h.

Any tips other than increasing disk space? Ideally I’d like to dynamically beam this back-up file to an external back-up server so I don’t really want to have to keep much free space on my Docker host.

Before anyone asks, I’m not out of inodes. df -i reports:

Filesystem              Inodes      Used Available Use% Mounted on
overlay                1600000    138686   1461314   9% /

And here’s the verbose output from dump immediately preceding the aforementioned error:

2019/07/24 05:50:36 Dumping database...
2019/07/24 05:50:38 Packing dump files...
2019/07/24 05:50:39 Packing data directory.../data/gitea
Adding file.../tmp/gitea-dump-884626875/cae/gitea-dump-1563947438.zip/gitea-repo.zip

Inspecting the size --tempdir we get:

6904882daad9:/tmp/gitea-dump-392379383$ cd ..
6904882daad9:/tmp$ du -h -d 1
4.0G	./gitea-dump-392379383

So it seems as though dump requires more than double the space of the gitea-repo.zip in order to create the final archive. This feels like an enhancement opportunity for dump if that’s true.