Gitea Error 500 Repository

I have a project of approximately 50GB.

I uploaded it and it gives me an error 500.

How do I solve this?

I tried another 12GB project. I managed to upload it.
7.3GB were uploaded.

When I do git clone it crashes.

I guess it’s no joke.

I am already migrating from gitea to other alternatives.

I haven’t even been there for 2 days and this doesn’t work.

I suppose that if you do school things, things with examples, some websites… it works.
For real life, use GitHub.

Please give more details. We have many repositories which are bigger than your projects but works well.

More details? It is not enough to say that I uploaded a large project of 50GB and when it was OK in the push, from the website, I received an error 500?. I do not know what else to say. The next thing would be to show you the console and the process.

By the way, I uploaded a small ~7GB UE5 project with GitLFS. To download/git clone 1.GB it took 3 hours. I had to cancel. It’s my 4th time trying it. Surely you will tell me “I download/git clone 100 GB in less than 10 minutes” because that is not my case.

I still think this is not normal.

With this I continue looking for alternatives.
With a couple of failures, I have enough to migrate.

I am not satisfied with the gitea free tier.

@lunny, have you checked that the moderators don’t have a different account than us?

This must be a joke.
After 2 hours waiting and it only downloaded 1.5GB… I decide to download it from the web in .zip. At this point I don’t even care about .git anymore. I just want to see if it works.

@lunny your image does not convey confidence to me. It seems like something taken very quickly at random. Show me your repository to see if it matches the image you show me. is not a public free service.