Git Clone too slow

While I have made a clone to a Gitea repository with a project of ~9GB

In parallel I have uploaded the same project to GitHub.
1 - Push - It doesn’t even take ~5 minutes
2 - Clone - It doesn’t even take ~5 minutes

When I was done with GitHub, Gitea had only downloaded 100 MB.

Well, my question, what happens to the bandwidth?

We are going to put gitea to the test with a single 8GB project. This is going to be funny.

First Clone

After a while

Hopefully it will be downloaded by tomorrow. I will upload an image every hour. If each hour makes approximately 400-500MB, we will have approximately 16 for 8GB, unless it speeds up at some point… this is going to be a long time. Will I get it before 12 midnight?

I don’t want to imagine if Epic Games worked with you… I don’t even want to imagine.

By the way, don’t tell me nonsense about the filtering for “–depth 1” it only has a single commit.

Have you tried this with a Gitea installation you are running? is not going to be anywhere near as responsive as github for a few reasons, notably server location and resources available to the machine.

I’m back to GitLab. I can’t stay here wasting time when I need to work.

I hope that in the not too distant future I will be able to use Gitea. For now, that is not the case.

I’m curious what the difference would be running your own instance, but if “using Gitea” means “using” then I’m not sure, it will depend on the factors I mentioned in the previous reply.

But in any case, sorry it didn’t work out. Happy coding! has speed limitations for most projects.

why are you not using gitea locally?

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