Gitea as small self-contained site?

I’ve been using Gitea for some time - self-hosted, a single user account, no organisations. It works really well for me. Thanks for making this possible.

Now, I’m considering using gitea as my main website. The landing page is more or less ok in this context, once you configure it to “explore”.

But perhaps things could be streamlined a bit further - some thoughts:

  • remove the “Organizations” tab when none are present
  • remove the “Users” tab when only a single one exists
  • then, as there’s no tabbing left: remove the “Repositories” tab as well?

In short: I’m looking for a way to make the “landing experience” as clear as possible. Maybe I’m going about this all wrong, but since there’s no way to present a small set of static pages (one of the project wiki’s as landing page?), I don’t know how to further adjust the way first time visitors will find their way around. Or is there some way to present a modest Markdown blurb at the top of the repositories list on the Explore page?

I’d appreciate tips and pointers if there are better ways to do this.


UPDATE - I found a solution for my “remove tabs” comments in this thread. In short: create custom/templates/explore/navbar.tmpl, with the text “<div></div>” in it (empty did not work), And now the tabs are gone, I think without any ill side effects. This could perhaps also be the place to add a bit of manually crafted HTML to welcome new visitors, etc.

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