New to Gitea - No Wiki?

Hi - new to Gitea. I just set up a test instance of Gitea on a Windows server, using PostgreSql for storage. I am running 1.15.9 and the latest Git. I haven’t configured any custom features.

Should I see Wiki on the toolbar when I log in? I don’t, and the documentation isn’t clear about whether Wiki is a product feature or if I should be integrating a 3rd party Wiki tool.

When Wiki is enabled, is it at the Repository level or at the Organization level?

Thanks for the help. I’m feeling my way around the product to see how it might work for us.


Here is what I see on try.gitea.:

This is enabled by default there.

You are quite right! My apologies. I created a sample repository and see the Wiki there, as you described. For some reason I thought I had seen it at a higher level in a screen cap somewhere.

Anyway, thank you!

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For such a thing at organisation level (which would be really good to describe the intent of the org) there is this proposal: Adding issues, wiki page to the organisation · Issue #7641 · go-gitea/gitea · GitHub