LFS Repository or object not found

Good Day,

I installed gitea on my synology through docker, normal repositories work fine, just as soon as I enable LFS and try to upload a file I get the following error:

LFS: Repository or object not found: https://{url_to_server+repository}/info/lfs/objects/03ac41eeb3a07a932e6ae08fb2740a560c8b8e5ad55fd8fa7e2e2743fe02d859
Check that it exists and that you have proper access to it

I couldn’t find any errors in the logs. Anything I might be missing? Everything else seems to work, just LFS files can’t be uploaded.

ROOT = /data/git/repositories

TEMP_PATH = /data/gitea/uploads

APP_DATA_PATH    = /data/gitea
SSH_DOMAIN       = {url_to_server}
HTTP_PORT        = 3000
ROOT_URL         = https://{url_to_server}
DISABLE_SSH      = false
SSH_PORT         = 22
DOMAIN           = localhost
LFS_CONTENT_PATH = /data/gitea/lfs
LFS_JWT_SECRET   = {***}
OFFLINE_MODE     = false

Any help would be appreciated.

I’d wager this is related to Docker Volumes. Do you have one set up for the file storage?