Git LFS files always 1KB size in archives through web-frontend

Hi there,

im a DevOps-ish IT guy, trying to implement Gitea as our primary SCM plattform.

I got the Gitea server up and running (Windows Server 2012R2) using a MS SQL DB.
The user running the server is local admin
After I configured LDAP auth to eliminate local users, our Dev-Team started testing.

Everything seems to be working, except for data pushed to the remote branch using Git LFS.
After downloading any repository as an archive (zip or tar) from the Web-Frontend, files pushed via Git LFS are always at 1 KB size and contains no data at all, except the name.

Every other file not provided by Git LFS has the right data in it.

(Warning, German localization :slight_smile: )

LFS filesize Web is 234 Kb (would like to upload a matching screenshot, but new users cant upload more than one :frowning: )

After being downloaded and unziped:

Directly downloading a single LFS file through the Web-Frontend is working just fine, the file has the right size and is ‘openable’.

Did anyone experience something similar?

Thank you in advance!