Can't setup big files upload (LFS?)

I can’t figure out how to upload big files. We are working on a game and some of our files can be pretty big (up to 120mb) but the max upload size is 4mb.

How can I change it to say 200 megabytes? Should I set up LFS and, if yes, how?
Sorry if this is obvious, I’m new to Gitea and self-hosting in general.

First: the upload limit you see in the frontend is for the frontend only; with git (+ lfs) you can upload more.

To change it for the frontend, you need to edit your app.ini:

;; Max size of each file in megabytes. Defaults to 3MB

See gitea/app.example.ini at main · go-gitea/gitea · GitHub .

As for lfs: yes it would be good for these types of files to utilize git-lfs. You can find its homepage here: .

On most git installations you youst need to run git lfs install; though on linux you might need to install a package first, like git-lfs under archlinux.

To get started with lfs, you simply need to “track” the files you want to have stored inside the lfs instead of the normal git space:

git lfs track "*.psd"; also make sure the .gitattributes file is tracked in your normal git (git add .gitattributes).

You can also search online for .gitattributes files from others; most of the time someone already has put together one for your engine.

For example, here is one for unity: .gitattributes for Unity3D with git-lfs · GitHub .

If you want to learn more about gitattributes in general, here is documentation for it:

Hope I could shine some light in the dark for you :smiley: