Gantt Diagrams for Issues

Is it possible to view the Gantt Diagram for Issue List?

Currently not, and I don’t think it’s on the list right now, but feel free to open an issue. I think this could be implemented using the api, but probably as an external service.

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It has been asked on github ( but the maintaners think it is out of scope from gitea’s scope so it should be implemented as separate project.

I’m interested to implement this as somekind of a short javascript page (which would consume Gitea’s API) that could be added as custom gitea page. But after I looked at , it seemed that currently only due-date time is available by default, so its kinda hard to determine the starting time (we could use created time or update time, but I think it would mostly not desirable). Any idea how to solve this using current API?

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You also could use track time?