Question about the API


I try to build some tools like a Kanban that works with the GItea API. Actually i need to find a way to identified differente states of an issue.

  • Backlog : Issue with not assignee
  • Attributed : Issue with assignee
  • Started : I thinks about the Time tracker presence, but it force me to make a http call for every issue to get the time tracker value. Don’t know why it’s not include with the rest of issue informations?
  • Waiting Review : I’ve make a Issue depend of a PR and vice versa in the GUI. I’ve make a issue that relate to a branch. But PR seem to be a Issue with the pull_request node != null, and i saw no link between a issue and a PR? Can i view this link with API?
  • FInished : Issue with state = close
  • Cancelled: Issue with state = close and specific label.

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There’s no single API call for all that, and some of those are subjective (e.g. backlog only happens when you work with assignees). Have you considered using webhooks? Most events on a repository generate a webhook notification.

BTW, there’s currently some development being done to add a Kanban board to Gitea itself.

OK thx you. I haven’t see it.