External Issue Tracker Number Format

Is it possible to add one more type to External Issue Tracker Number Format?
Numeric (#1234)
Alphanumeric (ABC-123, DEFG-234)
Alphanumeric with # (#ABC-123, #DEFG-234) - want to add.

We need it for ticket link in Message. For example
External Issue Tracker URL Format = https_testdomain.com/{index}
Commit Message = [#TTT-111,#TTT-115] Test comment
So #TTT-111 - will be link to https_testdomain.com/TTT-111 , #TTT-115 - will be link to https_testdomain.com/TTT-115

Now it work if Commit Message = [TTT-111,TTT-115] Test comment
But we want to use # before ticket id.