Exclude user from requiring pull request approval

Is there a way to exclude specific users from requiring approval on a pull request?

We have a requirement where only new users will be required to have their pull request reviewed before merging. Long time users should be able to merge without restriction.

I looked into the branch settings and see we can setup pull request approvals. You can setup the amount of approvals required and who can approve. For the purposes of a new user this works perfectly. However, I do not see how to exclude a user. Even if the user is whitelisted as an approver, they still need their pull requests approved and they cannot self-approve them.

In a way I can set the amount of approvals back to 0 and use the pull request merge whitelist, but then said new user can’t actually do the merge themselves. The idea is that the user requires their code to be reviewed, but once it is approved they should be able to merge. I just can’t figure out how to make it so that is not a global rule for everyone.

Any help is appreciated.