Encryption of the source code

I would like to use Gitea but need to encrypt the code, what options do I have?

I have not found any information about this in the doc, unfortunately. With git is used yes git-secret, is the setup with Gitea also possible.

Many Thanks

Hi Rainer,

Using git-secret is supported since git-secret just creates files in the repository which are then committed and pushed, so it is no different from pushing code. Gitea does not have support for interacting with these files on the web interface though, so you will need to use the command line for that. This also applies to similar tools like git-crypt.

For other secrets, the development branch (1.19.x) just had pull request #22142 merged which allows you to add secrets for Gitea per organization or per repository. You can view the documentation here. You can download the binaries for the development branch from Gitea’s website (the ‘version’ is called “main”)

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