Encryped repos with git-remote-gcrypt

Hi, first timer, here.
I am looking for a way to self-host an instance of some Git remote and be able to encrypt a repository. Exploring the internet several self-hosted apps came up: Gitlab, Gitea, OneDev; and git-remote-gcrypt for encryption.

Does Gitea support encrypted repos?
Are there step-by-step instructions on how to do it?
I have tried various manners and can’t seem to get it right.

Any hints would be app…actually, no hints… actual answers if you please. :wink:

Gitea doesn’t support encrypted repos.

git-remote-gcrypt doesn’t need any special support from the remote, it will work with any server that offers Git hosting over SSH or HTTP.

I have checked that it works fine with Gitea. It will also work with GitLab or GitHub (I don’t know what OneDev is).

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Thanks; I will update my notes.