Disable copy (FreeLancers) source code - Jailed account or chrooted


I’m looking to moving from Gitlan to Gitea… as much i love opensource and freedom where i can find it here :- ), but my concern is in security purpose;

I have a project in Golang, and need to secure my code as much as i can; i have disable rightclick on SSH for developers users ( Freelancers ); and looking also to make the same with Gitea, but need some recommendation to keep my source private and secure and to make sure they only can push codes from them computers and didnt copy the original repo or source code of our project.

Any recommendation ?
Thanks in advance!

Maybe git from keybase.io is enought for you

So you want to disable SSH/http clone and download file from web and disable copy from web? But they also could take a screenshot of your codes that cannot disable from gitea.