Docker SSH Container Passthrough with different volume

I’m trying to set up Gitea in Docker using SSH Container Passthrough.

There’s one problem. I don’t want to use the /var/lib/gitea folder as the data volume. If I use this folder, everything works. But I have a dedicated folder, where I store all of the volumes: /home/myuser/docker/volumes
I’ve created a gitea folder here. I made git user as the owner and I replaced /var/lib/gitea with /home/myuser/docker/volumes/gitea where it was needed in the rest of the process.
Now the problem is that, when I’d like to use SSH (like git push to my Gitea) I got Permission denied, please try again.. Everything the same, I just replaced the volume folder. I’ve tried multiple times.

Could you help me what am I missing? I repeat myself: I don’t want to use /var/lib folder to store my Gite volume, I want to store it where the rest of the volumes are.